Nantucket Chair

Zimmerman Chair


Nantucket Chair made by Zimmerman is happy to present to you the American Heirloom Collection of fine furniture. In these pages, we offer you excellent quality and timeless designs to satisfy discerning customers. Here in America we have a rich heritage of craftsmanship to build on. From the early Pennsylvania German craftsmen to the work of religious movements such as the Shakers, furniture has come through many influences. Our furniture is built from cherry, oak, and maple harvested from the Northeastern USA. We use stateof-the-art equipment to aid in the efficiency and quality of manufacturing, but we still give you the high quality hands-on crafsmanship you expect. The mark of true craftsmanship has always been the longevity of the piece, hence our focus on “heirloom quality.” Our manufacturing facility located in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, is the center for production and finishing. A number of smaller family based shops make some of the pieces of furniture, each contributing their unique talents and capabilities.

Nantucket Chair made by Zimmerman Furniture

**Priced in Cherry**



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United States


Zimmerman Chair

Wood Type

Cherry, Maple, Oak